why Choose Us Machinery?

Chang Lin Machinery 昶霖機械


Mr. Lin founded Chang Lin Machinery in 1994, been through 20 years OEM, manufacturing and research experiences.

With Professional factory workshop, more professionals in the production line standby, ready to wait for your need.


林啟源 先生創辦於1994年的昶霖,歷經20年以上的代工、製造、研究等經驗。






Chang Lin Machinery 昶霖機械


Chang Lin Machinery have been work with international brands in the United States for long-term, we know well about the export business, you could trust us to deal with your order and deliver your products to all continents all over the world.







Chang Lin Machinery 昶霖機械


Better than the industry's large stone pressure plate, more efficient completion of gravel and shorten working time.








Chang Lin Machinery 昶霖機械


Mitsubishi electric of Japan's industrial engine, easily qualified gravel operations.